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This is my very first post.  I am going to post my photos that I have created into a painting photo.

Cars Flames 1.

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White Rock beach


I was at White Rock Beach and I was taking this photo of a couple about to paddleboard.  I was using my Nikon D60 with a zoom lens.  I feel glad because the picture is amazing. I was with Dale and it was a great sunny day.



I was at the garden field and I took this photograph.  It makes me feel good on a very hot day.   I like the heat and I like the color of the grass too.  I worked with Corel Painter to give the picture a smooth photo-art effect.


Classic Car


I was at the car show and I took this picture of the shinny and light smooth car.  I feel happy because it was a very hot day and I was wearing short shirt and shorts too. I used my Nikon D60 Camera with a wide lens.  I like this car because I see people on the car and the color too.  It was a fantastic.


Peace Arch Park

colourful flowers

I was at Peace Arch Park I took this photograph.  I felt happy that day because it was a an awesome day, I like the colorful flowers and because the letter M is for Mother’s Day.  I had a great time.



drive out

I was going to the States with a friend and his Parents to there cabin.  It was a fantastic day, my friend and I played board games and we watched a movie and we went for a bike ride.  I was taking photos there on my phone and I was taking this picture of the ferry and the Sunset too.  We had  blast!




We drove past the great view and I was taking this photo because it was an amazing and beautiful day.  I enjoyed it and it was a sunny day.  I like the landscape because it looks like summer time.


Vancouver Sunset


I was at Vancouver and I was taking this amazing  picture of the clouds and the peaceful ocean.  I felt encouraged taking this picture and I was using my Nikon D60.  It was fantastic day.  I added the photo-art effect to add an artistic look.




I was at California and I was taking this photo of the building.  I like this picture because the building and roof  looked beautiful to me.  It was an amazing day.  We want for a walk,  saw some stores, and I was taking a lot of pictures.  I like the heat too.


Gastown, Vancouver BC, Canada


Dale and I want to Gastown in Vancouver, I found a right spot for taking this photo and I  focused on this city landmark.  I took the picture of the clock,  people around it as they watch the clock move and the sound of the steam.  It was great and sunny day, I feel happy taking different pictures.  I was using my Nikon D6O with wide lines.


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