First blog post

This is my very first post.  I am going to post my photos that I have created into a painting photo.

Cars Flames 1.

Featured post

Anthurium Flower

wallpapper 1I was at my parents place and I found a right spot for taking this photo.  Our friends and family friends like this photos and they placed it on their wall.  I also made this photo art to a card.

Close up

sliver ornament car 1

I was at the car show and I took a picture with my Nikon D60.  I took a close up and used a zoom lens.  This Photo turned out to be abstract with painting effect.


orginal dolphin ddiving

I was at the aquarium and it was fantastic day.  I was interested about this dolphin and I took this photo because it looks amazing and what the animal can do.  I enjoy it .

Blue and White Car

Sports Car

I picked this picture to show because it is shiny and bright.  I like the color of the car, and how the door opens high and it goes down.  I went to car show and  I took a lot of picture of unique cars.

The Rabbit

rubber into the forest.jpg

This is a Rabbit in the forest looking for food, it climbed the tree and l took a picture. l felt fuzzy that day and I found a great spot for taking pictures.  That it was fantastic day.   

Steam Clock in Gastown Vancouver

wide shot steam clock_Painting

I was in Vancouver and I was taking pictures of a tourist spot in Gastown.  It was amazing day, I like the old buildings and the steam clock too.  A lot of people walking and shopping.  Many people were taking pictures there too.

Evening Sunset


I want to Lummi Island with a friend because his parents own the Cabin there.  My friend, his mom, and I were walking and l saw a amazing sunset.  I feel peaceful and quit times and I found a great spot to take this picture.

l took this photo because I like the foreground of  the plants, the Sea the boat, and the sunset in the background.

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